What is Kinism and Why Does it Matter?

“Remember the days of old; consider the years of many generations; ask your father, and he will show you, your elders, and they will tell you. When the Most High gave to the nations their inheritance, when He divided mankind, He fixed the borders of the peoples according to the number of the sons of God.” Deuteronomy 32:7,8

In the attempt to create a one world, neo-Babylonian government, a loosely organized but relentless campaign is now underway throughout the world to eradicate racial and ethnic distinctions. White Christians are the foremost targets of this campaign. James Kalb put it thus,

Politics today is radically secularist and antiparticularist. It aims to dissolve what is left of traditional society and construct a universal form of human association that will constitute a technically rational system for the equal satisfaction of desire. Religion is to be banished from public life, ethnic and gender distinctions abolished, and a worldwide order established, based on world markets and trans-national bureaucracies, that is to override local differences in the name of human rights, international economic development, and collective security.

Just so, and Kalb argues that this state of affairs is far more advanced than many, regardless of political perspective, would surmise. So, just what is Kinism, and what does it propose? Kinism is the belief that the God-ordained social order for man is tribal and ethnic rather than imperial and universal. Mankind was designed by its Creator and Law Giver to live and to thrive in extended family groups, and all other “alternatives” to this pattern are inhibitory of the chief end of man, which is to Glorify God and to enjoy life with Him forever. The doctrine of “equality”, in its modern form, originating with the Jacobin Clubs of the French revolutionary era, and whose values were largely adopted by modern liberalism, is highly destructive to the created order of the world, contrary to both nature and to Revealed Law, antithetical to biblical liberty, and is ultimately unachievable. This is shown in history by multiple examples and is beyond reasonable dispute. Extended blood ties are the only natural and workable basis for a healthy society -a society not subject to the horrifying ideologies of fallen man, be they socialist or capitalist, autocratic or democratic. We believe that an extended tribalism is the normative system for our people, the White races of Europe, the Americas, South Africa, Australia, Transcaucasia, or wherever our extended family finds itself in its modern diaspora.

Kinism is, further, the belief that the God-ordained economic system for our peoples is the free agrarian market economy, as opposed to the centralized fascist-socialist, financial-capitalist economic paradigm that gained ascendancy in the West during the 14th through 19th centuries, displacing the traditional order that had held for a thousand years. We refer to the economy of the land, and of handicraft, of limited scale, that fosters no competition-destroying monopolies, no welfare-warfare encroachments by the state, and no subsidization of industrial or financial concerns. This approach is best (though imperfectly) articulated, we feel, by the 20th century economist Wilhelm Röpke in his books A Humane Economy and The Moral Foundations of Civil Society.

We likewise insist that the form of government most conducive to the survival of traditional Christian culture in the West cannot be democratic, but only of a form that restricts the rapacity of the majorities and plutocratic elites alike, and permits no overthrow or diminution of the supremacy of the Law of God as the rule for social conduct, to be enforced by the civil magistrate. It is our opinion, though one that is not equally shared by all Kinists, that the most appropriate form of government for the former colonial nations is republican, while the form most appropriate for Europe is the constitutional monarchy.

We at Kinism.net believe that our White peoples have an inalienable, that is, God-given, right and duty to seek their own prosperity and existence as distinct nations, apart from all other genetic and ethnic families. We believe the cultures of our European ancestry to have achieved a similarity which allows them to seek unity, where unity is conducive to the glorification of God, and to the reform of secularized and degenerate cultures that have succumbed to the satanic religion of materialism. We believe this right extends to all other genetic and ethnic families, be they Oriental, African, or other. While we are concerned primarily with the prosperity of our own extended genetic and cultural family, we recognize the universality of the catholic Christian Church, and seek its prosperity, wherever it arises, to the extent that it remains faithful to the orthodox Gospel of Jesus Christ, as put forth in the Bible, both Old and New Testaments.

We further recognize the value, uniqueness, and preciousness of all the Families of Man to God, and their equal theoretical participation in the salvation offered by God through election. This insistence distinguishes us from Christian Identity groups that hold to the belief that non-Europeans are not in need of salvation (all have fallen short of the glory of God) by virtue of their sub-humanity. Kinism holds that no man, or class of men, regardless of lineage, is deserving of less than the decency owed by all Christians to all men, who, by virtue of their creation as such, are image-bearers of God. When Kinism.net publishes materials disparaging of non-European racial-ethnic groups, it is for the sole purpose of exposing the incompatibility and essential uniqueness of the cultures in question. 

This seeking of prosperity and distinctness for our European peoples is primarily to be achieved by conversion to the religion of our only Savior, Jesus Christ. We therefore denounce the sin of miscegenation as a violation of God’s created order, which has permanent consequences for every heritable trait. We appeal in this to God’s creation mandate of “kind after kind.” It is the obligation of the orthodox church, as sole warrant of (and authority over) matrimony, to forbid mixed unions according to biblical laws prohibiting unequal yoking. Enforcement of this proscription falls, then, to the civil magistrate, whose office it is to effect the law of god in justice, and the law of biblical freedom, without partiality. It is further expected and encouraged, that other racial-ethnic groups should desire, and seek to realize, the selfsame independence, nurturing, and self-provision we seek for our European peoples, and we encourage and support those groups that pursue such ends through peaceful and law abiding means. It is in view of this insistence on the peaceable and lawful means of change that we denounce the use of violence and terror to achieve it. In addition to the forgoing, we advocate a natural, chivalric, and hierarchical social order. Since the differences among men are in large measure endogenous, it is meet that these differences will manifest themselves in the fruits of social organization, whether that be difference in wealth, position, or ability of all kinds. We honor and celebrate the shared history and distinctives of our peoples, their ancient heroes, legends, celebrations, and all of their variegated glories, while recognizing their failures, latter day degeneracy, and universal need to submit to the Law of God.

We make no claim of perfection, nor even a broadly based notion of superiority to other ethnic-racial families. Following Spengler and Carlyle, we accept the notion of a plurality of civilizations, each of which naturally possess its own paradigms and typologies, as opposed to the inherently imperialist conception of a singular “civilization” to which all peoples ought to conform. Thus, we are able to recognize value, and even beauty, in other civilizations, as well as recognize the imperatives of their independence from the West -both culturally and economically. Nevertheless, we stand or fall with no other but the White peoples of Europe, and their standards of beauty, their cultural and civilizational achievements, established through the confluence of pagan and Christian traditions. These are both irreplaceable and vital to our survival as a people.

We believe in treating all men with decency and justice. In life and in death, we oppose all enemies of Jesus Christ, and all who seek our collective displacement, dispossession, or subjugation.