System Offline

Greetings readers,

After sober reflection on the possibilities and current status of the social and intellectual "movement" commonly referred to as Kinism, and following 11 years (to this this month) of efforts to promote this worldview, I have decided to shutter the website, and remove its published materials.

It has been both a privilege and a labor of love to have participated in the development of a peculiarly "Reformed" and yet racially self-aware literature over the course of the last decade plus. I have counted myself among the ranks of "reaction" that have announced their opposition to the modern Geselleschaft in recent years. Our differences are remote and trivial in comparison to our mutual likeness. It is an uprising still in its infancy. Yet changes in the social, spiritual, and political landscape of the country, as well as changes in the Kinist community itself (if such a term applies to that loose agglomeration of men and women who have had some sympathetic contact with this viewpoint) have led me to conclude that Kinism has run its course, not as a system of ideas, but as a distinct social movement with an identifiable purpose.

Nevertheless, my work as a writer is not complete, and I will continue in the same vein which I first struck, merely elsewhere, having set aside formal association with Kinism, which has served its purpose, and done what good it could do. And much good it did, for it aided (in my estimation) that rekindling and re-imagination of classic reaction that now has fully ignited in both Catholic and Orthodox quarters, and goes by such terms as "Dark Enlightenment" and other nomenclature.

The private social site that operates at this domain will remain in operation for the immediate future, until such a time as provision for its relocation or closure can be arranged with its principal users. In time, it may be possible to bring online again the vast collection of links and personal reflections gathered in our forums over the years, but such a work will take time. I must on that score beg your continuing patience. Forum members who have materials posted there may contact me at fugitive at deusvult dot co, where arrangements may be made for temporary access for the purpose of archiving and removal.

If God is willing, my personal reflections, occasional writings, and essays (both legacy and ongoing) will appear at deusvult dot co (omission of the concluding "m" intentional), and I hope that many of you who have visited this website over the years will visit me in my new online home.

Blessings to you all in Christ Jesus, and may God vindicate our cause.

W.M. Godfrey